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snug but not over-tightened. Unclogging toilets is not the responsibility of Builder.

Hose Bibbs

To avoid damaging your exterior faucets, they should be shut off and properly drained each fall to protect them from freezing. To do so, shut off the control valves, usually located in the basement and open the outside faucet all the way. return to the basement and open the small cap located on the side of the shut off valve, draining the last bit of water from the line. You may want to drain into a glass to avoid dripping water. Shut this cap once you have opened the outside faucet so you do not forget to close it before turning your hose bibb on again in the spring. Garden hoses should always be removed in the winter regardless of whether you have a frost free or regular hose bibb, as water can back up in the hose and cause pipes to freeze and split.

Water Heaters

If your gas water heater stops producing hot water, check that the pilot light has not gone out. Manufacturer's instructions explain the relighting procedure or contact PECO Energy Company if you need assistance.

If you have an electric water heater, the water heater elements wear out with normal use and are not covered by warranty. Hard water severely affects the life of the elements. If you have hard water, you may want to consider a water softener. To prolong the life of the element, keep your thermostat set below 120 degrees. As part of your regular maintenance program, your water heater should be shut off and drained annually to remove sediment.


Never turn on the whirlpool until the water is at least two inches above the jets. When operating the whirlpool, do not allow the water intake to become blocked.

Your whirlpool is made of acrylic which can be damaged by abrasive cleaners or nail care products that are allowed to come in contact with it. Window cleaner, or liquid spray cleaners made for bathroom surfaces are recommended.

Your whirlpool is equipped with a separate ground fault interrupter, (G.F.I.) located in the electrical panel, which is usually in your basement. For your protection this circuit breaker is very sensitive and may even shut off in a thunderstorm even if the whirlpool is not in use. If your whirlpool fails to operate check this ground fault interrupter first by turning it off then on again.

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