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Please clean your gutters and downspouts on a regular basis to avoid blockages that can cause overflows and create leaks in your basement. Check downspouts regularly to make sure they are not blocked by mulch or other material. It is important to check your gutters during a rainfall the first 45 days in your home to make sure they do not overflow as gutters and downspouts will not be adjusted once your warranty service list is completed.

Downspouts buried during landscaping may disconnect and cause basement leaks. Periodically check that they are discharging water above grade and that the water runs away from the house.

Ice Dams

During prolonged cold spells, ice can build up in gutters and downspouts. Left unattended, these ice dams can melt in place, causing your roof to leak at the eaves. You may need to use heat tape to remove this ice.

Storm Sewer Inlets

Storm grates have been installed on some lawns, rear yards and streets throughout your new community. A build up of debris (such as grass cuttings or twigs) or ice and snow can sometimes block the storm grate. If a grate is located in your yard or on the street in front of your property, please clear this blockage in order to allow rainwater to enter these drains fully and not cause pooling or flooding of the areas around these grates.

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